Should you count calories?


Calories matter but I never count them.

One of the things that I love about this WOE is that you don’t have to count calories. Yep! I said it!

Of course they matter! You can’t eat 3000 calories everyday and expect to lose weight right? Well at least I can’t. Lol..My 1st week of keto I was so excited that I could eat all of my favorite foods. And I did!! Tons of it, which is totally fine because that’s what you do in the beginning.I was a carb head so I was hungry! Lol!😂 I went shopping,and was ready for week 2, but guess what happened?🤔

So..if you follow a proper Keto protocol..20 carbs or lower,eat fatty cuts of meat,and accent your food with good healthy fats, you’re stomach will automatically suppress itself and you won’t want to eat gobs and gobs of calories/food. Period…You’ll go from wanting to eat everything,to wanting nothing. Thats where you start to learn/listen to your body figuring out what it likes and doesn’t like. Only eat when hungry.Stop when satisfied. (Not stuffed)😊


Recognize God’s Favor In Your Health


One thing that I have learned to do before I go to bed is to get in a quiet place and take inventory of all of times I recognized God’s favor showing up that day.
I expect it and I encourage you to do the same. Becoming aware of Gods love for us is HUGE! He is constantly weaving beautiful patterns throughout our day even in the midst of what can look like total chaos. Look for Him! How did he delight in you today with your health? What progress did you make today that you know had it not been for Him,you would have been swallowed up? Doesn’t matter how big or small YOU think it is..When he smiles at smile back🤗